• Casa Divina’s Architect – Kenneth Perez Venegas

    We were thrilled to be referred to Kenneth Perez Venegas – our amazing architect. Here is a brief bio below:


    Kenneth Perez Venegas

    Kenneth Perez Venegas studied architecture at the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Costa Rica, the most prestigious university in the country. His graduation project was the design of a center for environmental action. Receiving a rating of outstanding project. As a student and then as a professional he worked for seven years in the Urban Sustainable Development Program, doing research to implement new territorial planning policies.

    Desiring to implement the principles of harmony with nature, the environment and society, Kenneth created ARQUINATURA architecture firm. In Arquinatura Kenneth Perez Venegas has developed projects with budgets of all types, with the common denominator of creating harmonious spaces with passive climate control systems, as well as the efficient use of light, rainwater reuse, and use of low impact technologies in construction.

    Currently in addition to the practice of architecture, Kenneth Perez Venegas is a member of the local government of the Municipality of Escazú where has served as Regidor, besides being part of the urban area committees and Cantonal Regulatory Plan. Furthermore he is Tenor in the Choir of the College of Engineers and Architects,. An art space that links the concepts of music and architecture share: Rhythm, Style, Harmony, Composition and especially teamwork.

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