• Do We Have Internet or TV?


    Yes, we have WiFi.

    No, we do not have TV.

    We definitely recommend having an unplugged vacation (as much as possible anyway) but please bring your laptops, iPads, tablets, smart phones, and anything else that you can hook up to the internet. Our WIFI signal is good but please understand that because we’re in a remote area the connection can go down at times.

    We do not have cable so we currently don’t have TV’s in the house.¬†Instead of being glued to the tube here are some activities we suggest as alternatives:

    • take a swim in our salt-water infinity pool
    • read a book outside underneath the palm trees
    • go for a ride on the ATV
    • venture out over our 2 acres of land and see what cool animals and plants you can find
    • go sailing
    • hike up Montezuma Falls
    • write in a journal
    • go snorkelling
    • hang out at the beach and watch the surfers
    • go grocery shopping and make a fantastic meal
    • stargaze out on the deck
    • play card games or board games with your friends or family
    • go for a swim in the ocean
    • check out some of the great shops and restaurants in Montezuma, Santa Teresa & Mal Pais
    • lounge by the pool with a drink
    • take surfing lessons
    • go horseback riding
    • learn Spanish
    • go on a zip-lining tour
    • take a yoga class
    • get a massage (or give one)
    • turn on some music and dance!

    Any additional suggestions you think we should add to this list, let us know. Also, if you see something on this list that you’d like help in organizing (like sailing, or taking a yoga class) we’d be happy to assist.

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